Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Ashes

Huzzah! England won the Ashes. And you can download a 5 minute highlight MP3 from the beeb.
Here are a few of the texts I sent/received yesterday:
Me: "It ain't a coincidence that Gilo rhymes with hero!"
Rob: "So does Benaud, and that's no coincidence either."
Noz: "And Kevin Pieterson, get him up here, he's a true Pretorian hero."
Darren: "I was having kittens at lunch. There has to be follow up WG adverts."
Liam: "Stefan Dennis, Rolf Harris, Kylie Minogue, Dame Edna, Ned Kelly, Men At Work, Bouncer... Your boys took one hell of a beating!"

Hmm.. probably all in-jokes there, but you get the picture...


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