Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Trip to Yorkshire

Last weekend involved a pleasant day out in Yorkshire, so Darren could pick up his shiny new car (it's a VW Polo GTi, for those who care). Whilst we were there, we visited Mother Shipton's Cave (or Mrs Miggins' Pie Shop, as we called it) to see the Petrifying Wall and marvel at the extortionate entry fee (£5.75!). We also had a wander about Knaresborough, which is a pleasant town with a surprisingly large number of shops. Rob also had the pleasure to discover that nowhere in Knaresborough does any shopkeeper know how to use an apostrophe correctly.
After that we carried on to try out a Maize Maze (and yet more splashing of cash). We didn't do it properly - we didn't read the leaflet due to it being in Darren's pocket (d'oh), but it was fun nonetheless.
Finally, we came home to Wilmslow to grab a curry at Barinda, and have a few pints at the Oakwood. All in all, a good day out. Some photos taken on my phone are on Flickr, as usual.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

The Ashes

Huzzah! England won the Ashes. And you can download a 5 minute highlight MP3 from the beeb.
Here are a few of the texts I sent/received yesterday:
Me: "It ain't a coincidence that Gilo rhymes with hero!"
Rob: "So does Benaud, and that's no coincidence either."
Noz: "And Kevin Pieterson, get him up here, he's a true Pretorian hero."
Darren: "I was having kittens at lunch. There has to be follow up WG adverts."
Liam: "Stefan Dennis, Rolf Harris, Kylie Minogue, Dame Edna, Ned Kelly, Men At Work, Bouncer... Your boys took one hell of a beating!"

Hmm.. probably all in-jokes there, but you get the picture...

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Long needed update

Right, yes, I realise I've basically said nowt about my holiday and my recent activities.. Apologies to those who, for some reason, hang onto every word I blog. Oh, and thanks for the comments on here and Flickr.

Anyway, lets start at the beginning... Greece. A fortnight in Kefalonia. The first week was scorchingly hot, which was a bit much for my Northern climatised body, but luckily it cooled in the second week, so I could think and sleep. Highlights, in no particular order, included:

  • Fiskardo, a picturesque port in the North of the island.
  • The Melissani Cave... It looks just like the postcards, amazingly enough.
  • Seeing a real-life wild turtle in Argostoli.
  • The huge waves on Myrtos beach.
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road (not a highlight for my poor passengers, sorry guys!) and seeing the whole island generally in the week we had the car. Luckily Paul drove mostly, so we all could relax.
  • Eating plenty of Greek food. Feta and Olives, you say? Don't mind if I do!
  • An Aussie telling me how the Edgbaston test ended. Gutted. Hahahaha!
  • And, of course, the company. Cheers!
Once back from Greece, I have spent a lot of time gripped by the cricket. It's the Ashes, you know... I was at the Sunday and Monday of the Old Trafford test. Since then, there's been a bit of work, but more importantly it was my 25th birthday... to celebrate, I invested in a nice shiny new iPod, amongst other things.

The weekends around and including my birthday have included a few barbeques combined with playing a bit of back-garden cricket (or back-field cricket at John's). Unfortunately my hand-eye coordination is as poor as always, so it looks like my Scotland call-up isn't on the horizon... yet.

Finally, I've made my first steps towards being a rock-god worshipped by thousands of adoring fans, in that I've been to a practice as the drummer for a band. The other members are Myk and Memories (Mems for short). 'Nuff said.