Friday, December 15, 2006

The saddest, funniest, most tragic and uplifting thing I've ever read

Well, not the uplifting part. That's a quote from Chris Morris' Blue Jam, by the way. I've spent my evening watching the Ashes cricket, reading the Guardian's over-by-over, getting more and more depressed, and eating pizza.

That's right - eating pizza. I had a blood test for coeliac sprue, but it came back negative, so I've gone to a full gluten-filled diet before I have an endoscopy in mid-January. Fun, fun, fun.

In other news, I appear to have been listening to a lot of Lily Allen, The Trucks, and Lady Sovereign recently. Apparently being a male musician is a bit too passe these days for my liking.

Finally, gig news... I went to "107.7 The End's" Deck the Hall ball. Basically a mini-festival in the evening in the Key Arena. The atmosphere was awful - I think most of the 15 year old majority either only wanted to see one of the bands, or had never been to a gig before. What I can tell you is that Angels and Airwaves are awful and their lead singer has a potty mouth. Oh, and the Shins are a bit dull, but Snow Patrol are good. They played Run, so I'm happy. Gnarls Berkley was quite entertaining, dressed up as characters from Austin Powers. The show was a dry one, because it was an all-ages show and America is crazy with it's alcohol laws, so we escaped to the pub and missed a few of the other acts.

In better gigging news, I saw Death Cab for Cutie's end of tour gig a few days later. Two thumbs up, although I feel that they suffer as a live band because their albums sound so good and are so well produced, you're kinda better off with an expensive hi-fi in your living room. I was high up in the nose-bleed seats of the Key Arena, so perhaps I'd have had better acoustics on the floor.

Anyway, back to being depressed about the cricket. I fly back home for a few days on the 20th, landing on the 21st.