Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Hmm.. I seem to be getting some, shall we say, lip from certain quarters that my blogging is a little terse and content poor.

In order to correct this, I'm going to have to write something here that sounds witty and intelligent. Unfortunately, Jarold has pre-empted me, so read his one. Well, he's written a whole load of stuff, so some of it has to be witty and intelligent, right?

Actually, I do have something to say, afterall... The fireworks were very cool, especially the ones that exploded in cube shapes. Yes, yes, before you say, that's the geek's choice of firework, no doubt. There were also smiley faces, hearts and planets with rings. Anyway, I now understand how America gained it's independence - they scared us off with a huge firework display. It was reminding me of my time back 'Nam for while there.

Oh, and I've added more photos to my flickr account - check out the new slideshow thingy on the left, or go to http://www.flickr.com/photos/nick-denny


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