Monday, October 30, 2006

Gig gig gigs

I've been to a few gigs recently:

Ghostland Observatory
Seeing them for the second time this year. The Croc was packed and they were great. Full of energy, even though this was their second gig of that evening... they're the hardest working guys in electro-rock/pop (or whatever category they are)! Now I want to be in a band and wear a big cape. Of course the band I'd be in would sound like:

Art Brut / We are Scientists
An awesome gig at Neumo's. Art Brut makes me wanna rock out. Possibly my favourite gig ever. Only way to improve it would be to have the crowd crammed in like at the Croc with Ghostland Observatory. Disappointingly, We are Scientists didn't arrive with kittens.

Biggest venue (the Paramount) for the biggest band. Lots of twiddling on guitars, as you would expect. Great lighting. I was most amused when playing the chorus of Knights of Sedonia, featuring huge karaoke-come-Orwellian style words behind them, them very clearly singing "going to" when the words behind them said "gonna".


Blogger thedenmeister said...

Hi, this is your cousin from england, the smart one with the short brother (so "I'm Chris Denny" would have been easier...) I also went to see Muse, live in Manchester, on friday 10th. I thought they were amazing!! and I also noticed that the words were slightly different to those being sung by Matt. Nonetheless an amazing concert, and I must see them again, with standing tickets this time. The question is, why did you travel 5000 miles to see Muse when I was able to see them here in Manchester???? Hehe...

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