Sunday, February 23, 2003

Mantra for the day.. keep the blog up-to-date... keep the blog up-to-date... keep the blog up-to-date...

Have had a busy few weeks, I shall go into further detail later...

Good news: I've bought a digital camera. It's a Canon IXUS v2 for the geeks out there. I bought it from internet cameras direct, which is a very good website with cheap digital cameras. Expect random photos of my day very soon.

Bad news: my computer's broke. Am going to give it a nice clean install of everything. I think the power supply is going - it randomly reset itself the other day, and managed to corrupt something important in windows.

Other news: I flew to Berlin on Tuesday, and came back on Wednesday. It was for work, so didn't see much of Berlin, but I can thoroughly reccomend the BA Business lounge in Manchester and Heathrow. There was a shocking lack of Socialist Worker newspapers available, though. They barely had any Guardians!

With that, I shall say Auf Wiedersehen for now. Tchus!


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