Wednesday, January 08, 2003

New news from the incident involving my car and the chasm of Alderley!

On the 5th I sent the following email to the nice people at Macclesfield area Highway maintenance. ( I'm slightly ashamed not to manage to get the phrase "imagine my surprise" into it somewhere...

"I am emailing you with regards to a large pothole in the centre of Riley’s Lane, Alderley Edge, just before the road becomes Chelford Road. I had the misfortune of driving into this pothole on Saturday evening at about 9pm, which not only caused a flat tyre, but also has bent the wheel. This pothole also affected at least two others that night – one car just minutes before me, and another I saw when I drove past later that evening.

I returned to view the pothole in daylight today, just after midday to find that the pothole was still there. I enclose a few photographs to emphasise the size and depth of the pothole and how dangerous its position in the road. Note that the pothole is well over 6 inches deep and that there has clearly been work done fairly recently on the road either side of the pothole. I also include a picture showing the damage to my wheel.

Please can you ensure that this pothole is filled in very soon and inform me on whether I have grounds for compensation for what I believe is negligence by Cheshire County Council."

Anyway, I got a reply today!

Dear Mr Denny

We acknowledge receipt of email, a copy has been forwarded to our head office and they will be sending you a claim form for completion.

Yours sincerely
Mrs P Moore
Technical Admin

Which is nice.

In other news, we (Darren, John, Liam, Paul, Noz, me), failed to win another pub quiz at the Royal Oak in Disley. Lost out on a tie-break though, so not a complete disgrace. Our team name was "Talk to my horse while I finish your ironing". (Insert advert for the Framley Examiner book here). It was better than our first, disallowed suggestion - which I won't repeat here... yet.


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