Sunday, January 05, 2003

Happy New Year and all that jazz!

I spent my evening in the Royal Oak. Photos to come soon.

My poor car has got a bent wheel after some slight excitement on Saturday evening - all the info and (boring) pictures can be found here. The first reaction from Jo was "I especially like the ruler". Her second is "Nice shoes in the ruler shot".

On better news, we won a pub quiz last Thursday. At the end of the evening, two teams were tied with 48 points each, so after all that mental stress, the tie-break was an arm wrestle between a poor girl from the other team and John. Luckily, for our sakes, John manage to triumph over her, so we won a bottle of wine. Me and Noz were glad we didn't go up...

P.S. I've bought the Framley Examiner book. It's amazing.
P.P.S. Watch my horse while I do your ironing.


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