Thursday, June 09, 2005

Send enough software engineers away from home and what do you get - lots of websites! To save me from repeating everyone else, you should just go and read San Diegon / Dieagite / Diegoer Jarold's very funny blog and follow the links to see the University of Washington (U-Dub) campus. They've got many car parks. Oh, and some really new - meant to look like really old Cambridge University-style buildings. Perhaps Warwick should have tried that before building the Rootes halls... You can also read about when two Police officers told us off for J-walking. At least I could pretend to be an ignorant forgeiner, but Jay had no excuse. All in all, a memorable Saturday night.

Also, after many an evening slaving over a hot laptop, my flatmate Matt's website is finally updated complete with pictures of school buses and yet more Space Needle pictures. I bet you can't wait.


Blogger 3DSumoWrestler said...

It's San Diegan!

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