Monday, June 30, 2003

The car... right...

I was coming home from Warwick, on the road from Holmes Chappel to Alderley Edge. We'd just got past the junction for Goostrey when we came across an old man in one of those invalid carriage things. The woman in the Golf in front of me passed him, and then I passed him.

The woman in the Golf then decided to turn right down the road to Swettenham, which came as a slight shock to me, but I braked and stopped without incident.

Meanwhile, the guy behind me was doing his best to avoid the old guy, didn't stop and ran into the back of me. Unfortunately the guy behind me was in a Suzuka Gran Vitara 4x4 thing, so his truck barely had a scratch. The Golf in front of me had a slight scratch on the bumper. My car has a smashed front right, a twisted back right and a totally smashed in boot. Even the spare tyre is damaged!

Oh, and to top it all off, the old guy in the invalid carriage just pootled along and turned down the Swettenham road.

If elected, I shall be banning all 4x4 vehicles from the road - they are off-road vehicles, after all AND I shall be banning old people. I commend this to the house.


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